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i make d you make started  a few years ago when i needed an ear warmer. I couldn't find anything that suited my needs, so I bought equally good yarn and knitted a pearl knit headband. I itch just to see anything knitted, so I cut a strip from a fleece blanket and sewed it onto the headband as a lining. It then became headbands as Christmas presents for girlfriends, and it was made with both beaded and braided knitting. I then got an assignment for a Husflidslag, a knitting course for children and young people. It was amazing. What a joy, both for me and them! The sense of mastery I saw in the participants was a vitamin pill for me. I knitted more and there were hats in all variations and sold at Christmas markets. A couple of years ago I got an idea for a large net, which became a net bag. I needed a present for a friend. She has a cabin and takes things back and forth with her. I thought a large net would do the trick. To make it solid, I sewed it double, with reinforced bottom and shoulder straps, large pockets inside and on the poles outside. It turned out to be more of a bag than a net and therefore I have now added a closure with a carabiner hook. I've been saving fabric for years and didn't quite know what to use it for. Sewing net bags has given the fabrics legs to walk on! Both headbands, hats, net bags, etc. have been welcome gifts and have been used, so that others have noticed them and thus I have received orders. One has taken the other. My next project now will be making Baguette bags. Gåbort bags that you can carry under your arm, the way you carry baguettes in France (hence the name). These I got some fantastic fabrics for from Fablab Design and Scenario Interiørarkitekter. Discontinued substances. Perfect for me! Then I can make sustainable bags of which there will only be one of each. ONLY ONE by Gro, I call them. I have previously published four books, both in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. Two books on making jewelery and two on interior design. Being creative and making things myself is important to me. In addition to test driving cars and writing about it in my web magazine: I am more than normal interested in cars and therefore there are some in the pictures that describe me. It's when I'm driving that I hatch new ideas that I want to create. In addition, I have an English cocker spaniel called Vimsen, my shadow and lovely walking companion. ​ I hope you find something you like. Everything is made by me and many are unique. If you want to make something yourself, you can send me a request for a pattern. ​ Best regards

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